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List of contents:

  • ARCHITECTURE, professional profile, architectural service: residential and commercial projects, interior design - private and commercial, masterplan and urban design, concept projects, planning permission, construction drawings, outsoursing for UK and French companies seeking savings in Eastern Europe; we operate both in Poland and UK. Full portfolio: ZX17 Architekci, private projects, work experience from UK, Poland and Russia - dossieur, all student projects including diploma "Emphasizing the Sights of Nowa Huta - Town of Socialism", list of all projects I was involved.... here...

  • MUSIC, my music experience, bass guitar, jazz, blues, punkrock, mp3, links to YouTube, MySpace and SoundCloud channels, regular bands, most important: Looking for Droids and No Thoughts No Gravity (London 2011-2013), improvisations with friends; my story, list of the best concerts I have seen, reviews and photos of some of them, link to my concert photos on Flikr, other links to the artists which I appreciate... here...

  • TRAVEL section, photo relations from several places which I have visited (Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Malta, Jordan, Morocco, Cuba, Peru, Mexico, Kenya..) by hitch-hiking, cycling, train, plane..., reviews, advises, usefull links... to TripAdvisor - where you can find many useful advises (the thing I wanted to do before), or SkyScannner... drawings, link to Picasaweb, where I have put plenty of my pictures... here...

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: my photo impressions: travel photos from various countries, concert photos of many artists, architecture sets, links to publications, here...

  • DRAWINGS, freehand drawings and water-colour paintings, travel sketch book, live drawings of landscapes and buildings, which were done during my trips... here...

  • TRANSLATIONS (under construction...)

  • My BLOG www.zpiotro.blogspot.com in Polish and English, about architecture, travel etc... here...

  • LINKS, all links in one place, to the artists which I appreciate, blogs and websites of my friends.... here...
  • I'm an architect with qualifications in UK and PL (recognazable in the whole EU). I graduaded the Faculty of Architecture in the Krakow University of Technology. I like travelling, to find some inspirations, take photos, do drawings, talk to people, see a good architecture, culture and music. Yes, music is my chief hobby. I'm a semi professional musician. I always wanted to be a musician, but I became an architect. I started realizing my dreams after I graduaded the university, then I went to the Krakow School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, after 3 semestres I moved to London. To play and develop my architectural skils. I play bass guitar - jazz, old school rock'n'roll, trans music, inspired by many other styles. My architecture is a frozen music. Music is a liquid architecture. In London I worked nearly 6 years for CZWG Architects. After a short episode in Moscow, I'm back to Poland and started my own practise "Zbigniew Piotrowicz Architekt", but still playing music and travelling.